What Defines Creativity?

Some think it’s attending the best design schools. Others define it as time spent as a starving artist while backpacking through Europe. Or perhaps it’s having the best design software running on the best systems money can buy.

For myself, being creative has less to do with Monet and more to do with MacGyver.

It’s working with the unique challenges of each individual project: analyzing how it fits with the other components within the brand message, utilizing conventional tools in an unconventional way, and delivering solutions that bring success.

My experiences in the last twenty years have given me the perspective to know which creative decisions work best, the bravery to try something new, and the experience to weave the two when needed. My expertise has been trusted by some of the biggest national and international brands for many applications; including

  • Eye catching video content for social and broadcast
  • Cross-platform marketing materials
  • UX for web and kiosk-based applications
  • Explainer and training videos
  • Internal communications
  • Visual effects for feature films

Brands I've worked with include: