My name is Joe Busam, and I make projects come alive with unparalleled motion storytelling and design expertise. I work with my clients to define the look, feel, and overall direction they envision and beyond. My work ranges from simple, vector-style explanation style videos to sleek and sophisticated advertising and motion picture animations as well as visual effects and character animation. For the past twenty years, I have worked with many local, national and international clients including Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Luxottica, Cintas, Milacron, Target and Kroger. In addition to a wide range of corporate and commercial projects, I have also worked on several entertainment-based projects; including visual effects and titles for the 2012 supernatural thriller, 7Below, starring Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames, as well as titles, brand and advertising graphics and an animated short within the feature-length Pete Rose documentary, 4192:The Crowning of The Hit King. Along with a diverse knowledge of both the video production and the web development worlds I have the experience and insight to see how a finished animation fits in the bigger picture of my client’s needs.

In addition to the animation projects I create, I also feel it’s important to share my experience and knowledge with the next generation of storytellers. And for that reason I have been teaching animation at the college level since 2005. Along with the satisfaction I get from seeing these students grow, it also helps me to keep up with current trends and problem solve in areas that may have otherwise gone unexplored.